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Welcome to Scantago A/S

We offer process equipment and after sales service for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, the healthcare sector and laboratories in Denmark.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we focus on providing quality products and reliable service in the areas we specialize in:

Process equipment:

  • GMP-autoclaves
  • GMP-washing machines
  • Laboratory washing machines and autoclaves
  • Low temperature autoclaves
  • Washer disinfectors and autoclaves for hospitals
  • Ultrasonic washing machines

Test equipment:

  • Slit to agar sampler (BIAP®)
  • Steam quality testing equipment according to DS/EN285:2015


  • Detergents for cleaning of process equipment
  • Chemical and biological indicators for sterilization and cleaning processes
  • Cleaning and disinfectants for use in clean rooms


  • Service and repair of equipment
  • Calibration and validation of autoclaves and washing machines
  • Decontamination and derouging of utility and process systems
  • Steam quality test according to DS/EN285: 2015
Kontorfacade (Skullebjerg 9, Gevninge)