Detergents STERIS

    Detergents STERIS

    Scantago A/S is the official distributor for STERIS consumable products in Denmark.

    The detergents from STERIS are among the absolute best and most well-documented detergents on the market. They are designed for critical cleaning processes in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and for use in laboratories, etc., where cleaning of laboratory equipment is very critical.

    Within the GMP-regulated industry, the STERIS detergents are of the highest class with support documentation, including the possibility of having a laboratory test, with the PACE (Process And Cleaning Evaluation) program at STERIS, USA.

    Consumables Detergenter STERIS

    General applications are described below:

    • Alkaline detergents – Used for most cleaning applications because of their ability to remove a wide range of organic residues by alkaline hydrolysis.
    • Acid Detergents – Commonly used for the removal of inorganic residues and salts. In addition, they are widely used for rouge removal and passivation of stainless-steel equipment found in pharmaceutical process equipment.
    • Neutral detergents – As they have a mild pH and improved compatibility, these detergents are often used in manual cleaning applications.

    The STERIS products are all documented for content of, for example, heavy metals, something that is not normally documented and for standard chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, nitric acid or phosphoric acid.

    In addition, all STERIS products are NTA-free (nitrilotriacetic acid) and comply with the REACH directive.

    SDS for STERIS consumables can be downloaded here

    CoA (Certificate of Analysis) for STERIS consumables can be downloaded here

    Further information about STERIS products can be found here

    Detergents Medisafe

    Scantago A/S is the official distributor for Medisafe products in Denmark.

    Medisafe’s portfolio of detergents for the healthcare sector includes machine- and instrument-friendly cleaners, suitable for softening, pre-washing, ultrasonic cleaning, tunnel cleaning and endoscope treatment.

    General applications are described below:

    • Enzymatic detergents – Specially designed to digest any residues normally found on surgical instruments and appliances, including proteins, lipids and carbohydrates.
      • 3E-zyme
      • 3E-Zyme-Plus
      • 4E-Zyme
    • Mild alkaline detergents – Specially designed for delicate instruments that are cleaned at higher temperature wash, to provide the cleaning benefits and the protection provided by an enzymatic detergent.
      • EDA+
      • Medi-pH:-Safe

    Medisafe’s detergent portfolio also includes rust inhibitors, lubrication for surgical instruments and water treatment to prevent scale.

    Consumables Detergenter Medisafe