Technical support

    Scantago A/S offers several technical and documentation services.

    Our focus areas are autoclaves, washing machines, pharmaceutical water systems, clean steam and compressed air / gases, as well as freeze dryers.

    Trouble shooting

    Scantago A/S offers our assistance with trouble shooting, where we can offer support with a focus directly on solving current equipment and process problems.

    This can include sterilization processes, autoclaves, washing machines, freeze dryers, water systems, clean steam and other types of process systems.

    We offer to solve the tasks at a fixed price, alternatively the task is solved “cheapest by bill” with an agreed maximum price.

    Qualification and validation of autoclaves and washing machines

    Scantago A/S can offer a complete package solution for servicing, calibration, steam quality testing (DS/EN285) and validation/re-validation of sterilization processes. We have equipment and competencies to perform validation of moist heat and H2O2 sterilization processes.

    Thermal validation

    We offer different documentation packages for thermal validation. For example, we have prepared a standard documentation package that includes a protocol with associated test plans and validation report. In this validation package, most of the content is predetermined and the standard test plans are included.

    The benefits of using this validation package is that the relevant GMP requirements are ensured, the general aspects of validation are defined, the test plans are defined, and no costly time is required for document preparation. A protocol with test plans can be prepared at very short notice. And last but not least – the task is solved at an extremely attractive price.

    Optimization of processes

    Scantago A/S offer our assistance in connection with optimization of processes and process systems. We have experience with, among other things, autoclaves, washing machines, water systems, clean steam, WFI systems and freeze dryers.