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Scantago A/S offers after sales service on autoclaves, washing machines, freeze dryers as well as PW, WFI and clean steam systems.

We have our own team of experienced service technicians.

We service equipment from the agencies we represent, as well as equipment from other manufacturers.

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Service of equipment – our vision:

With the execution of a preventive maintenance, Scantago A/S wants to ensure that every equipment is maintained proactively. This means that preventive maintenance is made based on a specific professional assessment based on the actual condition of the equipment’s age, installation conditions, maintenance condition, and the equipment’s actual utilization.

Our goal is to ensure that no unplanned repairs is needed between the planned preventive maintenance intervals. The purpose of the proactive maintenance is to ensure the equipment performance and avoid breakdowns, which means better reliability, lower operating cost of the equipment, and compliance with GMP regulation.

With the proactive service approach, our service technicians will offer to change any worn parts or components that do not work optimally, this will off course happen in dialogue with the customer. This saves costs for service calls for acute repairs, it results in fewer break downs and it gives us a better opportunity to plan our service tasks and be more effective in using our resources.


We have equipment, internal procedures and qualifications to service: 

  • Autoclaves, washing machines, freeze dryers, PW, WFI and clean steam systems.
  • Descaling of heat exchangers on autoclaves and the like.
  • Leakage search of freeze dryers, autoclaves and other vacuum systems, with modern Helium leak detection.
  • Hydro static pressure testing and decontamination/derouging of clean steam generators and WFI systems.
  • Chemical tests of compressed air and gases with Dräger MultiTest. The Dräger MultiTest equipment is designed for testing gases according to current monographs (EP and USP). Optionally supplemented with particle measurements on compressed air and gases.

In addition to carrying out the actual service task, we of course carry out a proper reporting.