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About Scantago

Scantago A/S was founded in the autumn of 2005.

The name Scantago derives from a contraction of Scandinavian and Carthage, and symbolize our vision, that growth is created through innovation and intelligent solutions.

Carthage was a Phoenician colonial town, placed in present-day Tunisia. The famous commander and General Hannibal Barca, probably best known for leading his elephants over the Alps to Italy in war against the Roman Empire, is from the city of Carthage. For many, he stands for values ​​such as strength, innovation and intelligence.

These are the values ​​we try to live up to – therefore Scantago.

In addition to focusing on the delivery of quality products and good service, Scantago A/S stands for honest and fair business ethics, protection of our common resources and environment, a good working environment, while at the same time running a business with a focus on timely care in relation to our customers and suppliers.

Scantago Electro Service (hvidt flag med blå logo)


We want to make a positive difference with our customers because we, with competent and committed support, solve both small and large tasks. The keywords are knowledge, experience, commitment and honest communication.


We want to secure our customers in the healthcare sector, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as well as the research sector, optimal production facilities and equipment.

This by focusing on the following disciplines: Dialogue about the actual needs, honest counseling, specification, design, qualification, and validation. We always want to deliver well-functioning facilities and equipment, regardless of the challenges a project may offer. Subsequently, we offer service and maintenance, which ensures our customers optimum utilization of the investment, as well as ensuring performance and the best possible lifetime for the production plant and equipment.


Our goal is to be the preferred partner in the healthcare sector, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in Denmark.

To be known for our competencies in process equipment, utility systems and services. We strive to meet our customers’ needs and leave an impression of flexibility and quality.

“We will either find a way or make one.”
Hannibal Barca, 247 B.C. to 183 B.C.


Credibility – for us in Scantago, means that we carry out the tasks as agreed, and we share knowledge and experience.

Solution-oriented – for us in Scantago, means that we are focused on the target and on creating value for the customers.

Cooperation and loyalty – for and in Scantago, means that we support each other, our suppliers and customers. We are honest with each other, and true to our values.

Energy and zeal – for us in Scantago, means that we are motivated, committed, action-oriented and have the job satisfaction in focus.

Scantago is a member of several professional organisations:

  • FSSD – Fagligt Selskab for Sterilcentraler i Danmark
  • FSTA – Forum for Sygehus Teknik og Arkitektur
  • PDA – Parental Drug Association
  • PHSS – The Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sciences Society
  • R3 Nordic – Renhetsteknik och Rena Rum
  • ISPE – International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering