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News from Scantago A/S

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The CO2 Emission Report for the fiscal year 2021.10.01–2022.09.30 for both Scantago A/S and Safe Sterilization ApS is now available.

We are pleased to observe that our total emission of CO2 has decreased by 5.97 % compared to the previous fiscal year (2020/2021).

Sustainability and the climate impact have high priority for Scantago A/S and Safe Sterilization ApS, which means that we take responsibility for reducing our climate imprint.

The next step on the road to reducing our climate imprint is our future domicile, which will have a ground source heat pump system and solar panels implemented on the building as well. Finally, we want to focus on the biodiversity of the outdoor areas surrounding our new domicile.

Report available here

Scantago A/S and Safe Sterilization ApS in June 2022 initiated the project to become ISO 14001:2015 certified, the goal is to achieve the certification in spring 2023.

Both companies are ISO 9001:2015 certified by DNV, therefore the goal is to achieve a total certification for both companies, and future certifications will focus on both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Prior to the ISO 14001 project, we started earlier this year to produce a comprehensive report on the companies’ CO2 emissions, with a historical review for the years 2017/18 to 2020/21.

Report available here

With the business award ‘Success Company 2019’, Scantago A/S is one of 200 success companies in the Zealand region, which is acknowledge as the elite of SME companies in Danish business.

With the award, Spar Nord and BDO want to recognize companies that make a special contribution to growth and prosperity in the local areas, and to the Danish economy.

A Success Company must at least be able to present:

  • Growth in their profit before tax every year for the past five yearsErhvervsprisen Succesvirksomhed 2019
  • Equity ratio over 15% in the last financial year
  • Growth in equity measured over the past five years
  • The ability to create results with the given capital

We are grateful to have been selected as ‘Success Company 2019’

2019.05.08 Scantago A/S and A/S Electro-Service recommended to receive ISO 9001:2015 certification

Scantago A/S and A/S Electro-Service can proudly announce that we are nominated for an ISO 9001:2015 certificate by DNV-GL.

All processes have been reviewed with satisfaction, and with an implementation level of the standard, of 4 out of 5.

For questions please contact CEO Tony Christensen at toch@scantago.com or phone +45 59 470 600

2019.05.06 Scantago A S acquires sales and service of STERIS V-PRO low temperature autoclaves in Denmark

Scantago A/S has with effect of May 6, 2019 taken over the sale and distribution of STERIS V-PRO low temperature autoclaves in Denmark.

For more information, see PDF document (DK language)

Scantago ApS changes company form from ApS to A/S. The change has come into effect on October 1, 2018. Company CVR number, address, telephone, etc. remains unchanged.

For further information, contact Tony Christensen, Director, telephone +45 40 954 285 or by e-mail toch@scantago.com

Scantago ApS acquires the company A/S Electro-Service in Odense as per 1st. October 2017 via PharmProTech Holding ApS.

A/S Electro-service is specialized in autoclaves and washing machines primarily for the hospital sector, as well as laboratories and industry.
The company has 7 employees, which are transferred to Scantago ApS during the acquisition.
Spare parts will be moved to Gevninge, and the administration is transferred from external supplier to Scantago ApS.

A/S Electro-service becomes a sister company for Scantago ApS, under PharmProTech Holding ApS.
PharmProTech Holding ApS is owned by Tony Christensen.

Credit rating company Bisnote has awarded Scantago ApS with the highest credit rating AAA Bronze (Triple-A).