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Consultant services, sales and servicing of process equipment for pharmaceutical/biotechnical industry, laboratories and research.

Welcome to Scantago A/S

Scantago is involved with consultancy, sale and service of proces equipment to pharmaceutical / biotech industry, laboratories and research.

We are focusing on the following areas of technology:

  • Autoclaves (GMP and laboratories)
  • Utensil washers (GMP and laboratories)
  • Water systems
  • Freeze driers
  • Pure steam generators
  • Process systems in general
  • Qualification and validation

We want to make a difference at our customers, by supporting their organization with qualified consultant and engineering support. Through our commitment to, and participation in, the pharmaceutical market on equal terms with the end-users we share the same burden as our customer.

Our mission is to secure our pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medico customers state of the art production facilities. We will realize that goal by focusing on the following key factors: project, construction, qualification and validation. After the implementation of equipment we will secure the up-time, operation and service life through thorough service and intelligent maintenance programs.

Our goal is to be the preferred partner in the pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medico technical industry in Scandinavia. Famous for our competences in processing, utility systems and service, we strive to meet the needs of our customers, and leave a delightful memoir of flexibility and quality.

"We will either find a way, or make one."
Hannibal Barca, 247 B.C. to 183 B.C.


Our competencies are on the following areas of technology:

  • Autoclaves
  • Water systems
  • Freeze drying
  • Pure steam
  • Process systems in general
  • Qualification & validation

Scantago A/S

Skullebjerg 9, Gevninge
DK-4000 Roskilde
CVR: 29 17 48 81

Tel: +45 59 470 600

We have a 24 hours service, at need contact us on telephone number +45 51 188 150.

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