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Scantago is supplier of a range of quality products for use in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

In terms of equipment we are supplier of autoclaves, part washers, steam quality testing equipment and biap® slitsamplere.

We sell consumables from Steris Corp. the products is detergents, biological and chemical indicators, Bowie Dick test pack and cleaningagents and desinfectans for used in cleanroom

In connection with the sale of equipment we offer support for the preparation of specifications, FAT / SAT documentation and / or qualification / validation documentation according to specific customer requirements.

We offer turnkey solution in terms of supply, installation, commissioning of new equipment / systems.

Please contact us for further infornation.

Scantago A/S

Skullebjerg 9, Gevninge
DK-4000 Roskilde
CVR: 29 17 48 81

Tel: +45 59 470 600

We have a 24 hours service, at need contact us on telephone number +45 51 188 150.

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