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Here You will find information about vacant jobs at Scantago A/S.


Currently have the following open positions.

Please see DK version of webpage.

We are always interested in an unsolicited job application - please send your application and CV to e-mail or by regular mail to:

Scantago A/S
Skullebjerg 9, Gevninge
4000 Roskilde
attn: "Job Application"


Important information before you submit an application.

Applications and enclosures must sent in MS word, RTF or PDF fomat. We cannot receive image files as attachments, as these take up a lot space, and is very time consuming when printing. Attached image files will be deleted upon receipt of applications, and is not included in our assessment of the applicant.


Scantago A/S

Skullebjerg 9, Gevninge
DK-4000 Roskilde
CVR: 29 17 48 81

Tel: +45 59 470 600

We have a 24 hours service, at need contact us on telephone number +45 51 188 150.

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