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Courses and Seminars

Here you will find offers of training course and technology seminars organized by Scantago in collaboration with suppliers and partners.

Free courses and seminars:

Currently we don't have any planned seminars for the nearest future.

If you have any questions, or if You wish to received information about future seminars and invitation to seminars, please contact us at

Other courses / seminar activities (NOT FREE):

In march 2019 we are planning two semianrs in colaboration with Keith Shuttleworth (UK).

Current Moist Heat Sterilization and Validation Seminar and Steam Quality Testing according to DS/EN285:2015




Brochures in English language available in PDF format.


Courses / seminars on request:

Scantago also offers courses tailored to customer requirements within the following technology areas. Freeze-drying, water systems and steam quality testing. Contact us for further information.

If you would like on our mailing list and receive information and offers on the above, send us an email with relevant contact information (we do not share or sell contact information to any 3 party.)


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