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About Scantago

Scantago A/S was established in Autumn 2005. The majority of the employees have experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry.

The name Scantago is a contraction of Scandinavia and Carthage (Kartago in Danish), which embodies our philosophy of growth being created through revolutionary and intelligent solutions.

As the knowledgeable reader may have observed, Carthage is an old mythical symbol of the virtues strength and wisdom: How even the smallest effort can change the world. These virtues would be personified in the great Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca (247 - 183 BC) who crossed the alps with 40 elephants and made the Roman Empire tremble under his march.

It be these values and virtues which we subscribe to in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological business - hence the name, Scantago.

Besides focusing on providing quality products, quality in service, Scantago is dedicated to a honest and fair business ethics, protection of our common resources and environment, a good and safe working environment, while we are operating our business with focus on due diligence in relation to our customers and suppliers.


Scantago A/S

Skullebjerg 9, Gevninge
DK-4000 Roskilde
CVR: 29 17 48 81

Tel: +45 59 470 600

We have a 24 hours service, at need contact us on telephone number +45 51 188 150.

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